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  • Kovtyukh, V. V.; Soubiran, C.; Luck, R. E.; Turner, David Gerald, 1945-; Belik, S. I.; Andrievsky, S. M.; Chekhonadskikh, F. A. (Oxford University Press, 2008)
    Accurate and homogeneous atmospheric parameters (T[subscript eff], log g, V[subscript t], [Fe/H]) are derived for 74 FGK non-variable supergiants from high-resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio, echelle spectra. Extremely ...

  • Berdnikov, Leonid N.; Turner, David Gerald, 1945- (American Astronomical Society, 2001-11)
    A total of 2097 photometric observations in the BVI[subscript c] system are presented for 117 Cepheids located in the southern hemisphere. The main purpose of the photometry is to provide new epochs of maximum brightness ...

  • Burke-Gaffney, Father Michael Walter (1957-11-10)
    File consists of pages of a lecture given by Father Burke-Gaffney on the subject of the intellectual life of Canadian Catholics. He laments the lack of intellectualism among the Catholic laity in Canada (a fact he traces ...

  • Guetter, Harry H.; Turner, David Gerald, 1945- (American Astronomical Society, 1997-06)
    Photoelectric and CCD photometry (to a limit of V=17.0) is presented for 61 and 243 stars, respectively--a total of 279 individual stars--in and about IC 1590, a young galactic cluster embedded in the nebulosity of NGC ...

  • Kanungo, Rituparna; Prochazka, A.; Horiuchi, W.; Nociforo, C.; Aumann, T.; Boutin, D.; Cortina-Gil, D.; Davids, B.; Diakaki, M.; Farinon, F.; Perro, C. (American Physical Society, 2011-02-09)
    The interaction cross sections of [superscript 32–35]Mg at 900A MeV have been measured using the fragment separator at GSI. The deviation from the r[subscript 0]A[superscript 1/3] trend is slightly larger for [superscript ...

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