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  • Zwintz, K.; Fossati, L.; Ryabchikova, T.; Kaiser, A.; Gruberbauer, Michael; Barnes, T. G.; Baglin, A.; Chaintreuil, S. (EDP Sciences, 2013-02)
    Context. Pulsations in pre-main sequence stars have been discovered several times within the last years. But nearly all of these pulsators are of [delta] Scuti-type. [gamma] Doradus-type pulsation in young stars has been ...

  • Zwintz, K.; Fossati, L.; Guenther, David B.; Ryabchikova, T.; Baglin, A.; Themessl, N.; Barnes, T. G.; Matthews, J. M.; Auvergne, M.; Bohlender, D. (EDP Sciences, 2013-04)
    Context. The internal structure of pre-main-sequence (PMS) stars is poorly constrained at present. This could change significantly through high-quality asteroseismological observations of a sample of such stars. Aims. We ...

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