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  • Ritcey, Alicia L.; Campbell, Linda M., 1970-; Ridal, Jeffrey J. (Great Lakes Research Consortium, 2011)

  • Allan, J. David; McIntyre, Peter B.; Smith, Sigrid D. P.; Halpern, Benjamin S.; Boyer, Gregory L.; Buchsbaum, Andy; Burton, G. A. Jr.; Campbell, Linda M., 1970-; Chadderton, W. Lindsay; Ciborowski, Jan J. H. (2013)
    With increasing pressure placed on natural systems by growing human populations, both scientists and resource managers need a better understanding of the relationships between cumulative stress from human activities and ...

  • Fairbrother, Anne; Muir, Derek C. G., 1949-; Solomon, Keith R.; Ankley, Gerald T. (Gerald Thomas), 1959-; Rudd, Murray A.; Boxall, Alistair B.A.; Apell, Jennifer N.; Armbrust, Kevin L.; Blalock, Bonnie J.; Bowman, Sarah R.; Campbell, Linda M., 1970-; Cobb, George P.; Connors, Kristin A.; Dreier, David A.; Evans, Marlene S.; Henry, Carol J.; Hoke, Robert Alan; Houde, Magali; Klaine, Stephen J.; Klaper, Rebecca D.; Kullik, Sigrun A.; Lanno, Roman P. (Roman Peter), 1958-; Meyer, Charles; Ottinger, Mary Ann; Oziolor, Elias; Petersen, Elijah J.; Poynton, Helen C.; Rice, Pamela J.; Rodriguez‐Fuentes, Gabriela; Samel, Alan; Shaw, Joseph R.; Steevens, Jeffery A.; Verslycke, Tim A.; Vidal‐Dorsch, Doris E.; Weir, Scott M.; Wilson, Peter; Brooks, Bryan W. (Wiley, 2019-08)
    Anticipating, identifying, and prioritizing strategic needs represent essential activities by research organizations. Decided benefits emerge when these pursuits engage globally important environment and health goals, ...

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