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  • Guenther, David B.; Aerts, C.; De Cat, P.; Kuschnig, R.; Matthews, J. M.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Rucinski, S. M.; Sasselov, D.; Walker, G. A. H.; Weiss, W. W. (American Astronomical SocietyIOP Publishing, 2006-05-10)
    We report the discovery of a new slowly pulsating B star, with the largest number of detected frequencies to date by more than a factor of 3, based on 37 days of MOST (Microvariability and Oscillations of STars) satellite ...

  • Sodor, A.; Chene, A. -N.; De Cat, P.; Bognar, Zs.; Wright, D. J.; Marois, C.; Walker, G. A. H.; Matthews, J. M.; Kallinger, T.; Rowe, J. F.; Guenther, David B. (EDP Sciences, 2014-08)
    Context. The central star of the HR 8799 system is a γ Doradus-type pulsator. The system harbours four planetary-mass companions detected by direct imaging, and is a good solar system analogue. The masses of the ...

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