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  • Crawford, H. L.; Fallon, P.; Macchiavelli, A. O.; Doornenbal, P.; Aoi, N.; Browne, F.; Campbell, C. M.; Chen, S.; Clark, R. M.; Cortés, M. L.; Cromaz, M.; Ideguchi, E.; Jones, M. D.; Kanungo, Rituparna; MacCormick, M.; Momiyama, S.; Murray, I.; Niikura, M.; Paschalis, S.; Petri, M.; Sakurai, H.; Salathe, M.; Schrock, P.; Steppenbeck, D.; Takeuchi, S.; Tanaka, Y. K.; Taniuchi, R.; Wang, H.; Wimmer, K. (American Physical Society, 2019-02-08)
    One of the most exotic light neutron-rich nuclei currently accessible for experimental study is 40Mg, which lies at the intersection of the nucleon magic number N=28 and the neutron drip line. Low-lying ...

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