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  • Harper, Karen A., 1969-; Gray, Logan; Macdonald, S. Ellen; Lesieur, Daniel; DeFields, Danielle; Dodonov, Pavel; Franklin, Caroline M. A.; Haughian, Sean R.; López, Liliana Mascarúa; Heathcote, Alexandra; Jager, Krista; Yang, Renee; Angelidis, Christine; Braga, Andreza Lanza; Butler, Wendy; Coley, Sarah; Kornelsen, Jonathan M. E.; Murphy, Liam Kyte; Pelton, Julia; Recco, Everton Viotto; de Oliveira Xavier, Rafael; Wilson, Iain M. J. C.; Ribeiro, Milton C.; da Silva Matos, Dalva Maria; Bergeron, Yves (Wiley Periodicals LLC, 2023-05-11)
    Many studies have focused on vegetation across forest edges to study impacts of edges created by human activities on forest structure and composition, or patterns of vegetation at inherent natural edges. Our objective was ...

  • Franklin, Caroline M.A.; Harper, Karen A., 1969-; Clarke, Madeline J. (NRC Research Press, 2020-11-17)
    Forest edges, or boundaries between adjacent ecosystems, play important ecological roles. Both anthropogenic and natural forest edges affect vegetation while contributing to landscape heterogeneity. The recent proliferation ...

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